Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Say Something" Reading

Sevan Greene, the prolific man of many talents, has written another play.  I get to bookend the affair with a couple of contrasting characters. If the two characters were in a scene together (they aren't), it might go something like this:

BILL: "How is the wine?"
JONES: "These colors don't run."
BILL: "A little oaky, no?"
JONES: "Trying to sneak in and catch us unawares."
BILL: "We're only drinking wine."
JONES: "Such anger and violence, sir."
BILL: "You are the one raising his voice"
JONES: "I just got excited. Terrorism makes my blood boil."
BILL: "Drop my pants."
JONES: "Freeze!"

If you want to hear these lines delivered in their intended order...RSVP now. The 7pm reading is sold out but there are still spaces available for the 2:30pm performance.

Featuring Angel Desai, Bhavesh Patel, Jeremy Beck, and Sevan Greene
The cast will also include Peter McCain, Candice McKoy and Nandita Shenoy.

JONES: "Sounds like a confession to me."

Click here for the TheaterMania listing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jester's Dead: December 2nd & 9th

Final Performances for 2011


Friday, December 2nd @ 8pm
Friday, December 9th @ 8pm

“This show begins with a delightful concept…and then executes it with the joyful craft only a sharp, tight theatrical ensemble can create. Everyone in the cast is terrific."
--Best New York Comedy

"Sorry to hear about Cougar. He and I were like twinned lambs that did frisk in the sun, and bleat the one at the other in flight school."
- Iceman

Put the screenplay of TOP GUN and the complete works of William Shakespeare into a blender, and you get Jester's Dead. The show runs an hour, is really freakin' funny, there's a full bar and you can bring drinks into the theater. And the volleyball scene is amazing. What more could you want?

DIRECTED BY Justin Waldman & Tamara Fisch

STARRING Jeremy Beck, Chris Bolan, Kevin Crouch, Laura Esposito, Dan Hartley, Rhett Henckel, Nat McIntyre, Vayu O'Donnell & Kate Turnbull