Friday, October 26, 2007

Reviews - "Dreams of Home", Monarch Theatre Company, NYC

"Jeremy Beck contorts his body to create 
a hilarious and sometimes sad Hobie."
- Richard Hinojosa,

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reviews - "The Second Tosca", 45th Street Theatre

Jeremy Beck (right) with Tug Coker at the opening night after party.

"...Beck provides several moments of high comedy"
- Steven Suskin, Variety

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"Beck's nerdy charm and effortless, subtle comic timing 
are so impressive that TV sitcom casting directors 
should definitely take note."
- Michael Portantiere, Backstage

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"Beck is never less than terrific as an awkward young composer 
who perhaps confuses idol worship for love, 
but ends up figuring out which end is up. 
He's totally committed and thoroughly delightful."
- David Hilder, 

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*Photo Credit Neilson Barnard 

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Reviews - "The Cherry Orchard", Huntington Theatre, Boston

Jeremy Beck as Yephikhodov in "The Cherry Orchard"
"...Jeremy Beck's Yephikhodov finesses a few prime pratfalls..."
 - Charles Isherwood, New York Times

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"...Jeremy Beck, a stand out 
who finds continual comic freshness..."
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

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"One of the biggest laughs of the evening 
comes with the accident-prone clerk, 
Yephikhodov (well played by Jeremy Beck) muses, 
'What is wrong with our weather?"
- Sandy MacDonald, Theatremania

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"Jeremy Beck gets more than his share of sit-commish falls 
as the clumsy Yephikhodov, 
but manages to pull them off with a sense of style."
- Edge, Boston

(review no longer online)

"...Jeremy Beck, back to the scene-stealing ways he perfected
 as Moth in 'Love's Labours Lost'"
- Cape Code Online

(review no longer online)

Andrea Martin, Jeremy Beck, Nicky Martin & Kate Burton - Cherry Orchard Opening, Huntington Theatre, MA