Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Reviews - "Nickel and Dimed", 3Graces Theatre

"Jeremy Beck plays several quirky characters, 
but is especially dead-on in his portrayal of a 
devout Mall-Mart manager..." 
- Adrienne Cea,

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Reviews - "Love's Labour's Lost", Huntington Theatre, Boston

 "Jeremy Beck as [the] page, Moth, 
lends comic support as well as a lovely voice."
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

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Jeremy Beck with Will LeBow
"The comic outriggers carry the show...  
Jeremy Beck gotten up like Gainsborough's Boy Blue, 
as the impish page Moth..."
- Sandy MacDonald, Theatremania

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"The comedy is sharply performed...
Jeremy Beck done up like Little Lord Fauntleroy 
as [the] precocious performing seal of a page."
-The Boston Phoenix

(review no longer online.)


"...scene-stealer Jeremy Beck, hilariously aflutter as Moth..."
- Cape Cod Times

(review no longer online)

Jeremy Beck with Tommy Schriber

"Sidekick Moth (Jeremy Beck)...steals scenes."
- Somerville Journal

(review no longer online)

photos by T. Charles Erickson

Monday, April 24, 2006

Reviews - "Shakespeare's R&J", The Arts Theatre, London's West End

Jeremy Beck with Jason Michael Spelbring and Jason Dubin (L to R)
"Particular honours go to the splendid Jeremy Beck 
who plays Mercutio."
- Paul Taylor, The Independent

"As I listened to Jeremy Beck's Friar Laurence advising Juliet, 
I seemed to hear the words for the first time."
- Benedict Nightengale, The Times

"Jeremy Beck's marvelously open, generous, 
daringly vulnerable performance..."
- Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

"Jeremy Beck is a dashing Mercutio"
- Bristol Evening Post

"The acting is outstanding."
- Jeremy Kingston, The London Times


(the reviews above are no longer online)

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Reviews - "Dog in the Manger", Quinnopolis, NY

Jeremy Beck and Robert M. Johanson (L to R)
"The cast paradoxically manages to locate 
the essence of Lope's manipulative lovers 
(as well as several secondary characters) with delightful precision."
- Jeff Lewonczyk, Time Out

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