Reviews - "Love's Labour's Lost", Huntington Theatre, Boston

 "Jeremy Beck as [the] page, Moth, 
lends comic support as well as a lovely voice."
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

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Jeremy Beck with Will LeBow
"The comic outriggers carry the show...  
Jeremy Beck gotten up like Gainsborough's Boy Blue, 
as the impish page Moth..."
- Sandy MacDonald, Theatremania

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"The comedy is sharply performed...
Jeremy Beck done up like Little Lord Fauntleroy 
as [the] precocious performing seal of a page."
-The Boston Phoenix

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"...scene-stealer Jeremy Beck, hilariously aflutter as Moth..."
- Cape Cod Times

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Jeremy Beck with Tommy Schriber

"Sidekick Moth (Jeremy Beck)...steals scenes."
- Somerville Journal

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photos by T. Charles Erickson