Reviews - "The Cherry Orchard", Huntington Theatre, Boston

Jeremy Beck as Yephikhodov in "The Cherry Orchard"
"...Jeremy Beck's Yephikhodov finesses a few prime pratfalls..."
 - Charles Isherwood, New York Times

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"...Jeremy Beck, a stand out 
who finds continual comic freshness..."
- Frank Rizzo, Variety

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"One of the biggest laughs of the evening 
comes with the accident-prone clerk, 
Yephikhodov (well played by Jeremy Beck) muses, 
'What is wrong with our weather?"
- Sandy MacDonald, Theatremania

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"Jeremy Beck gets more than his share of sit-commish falls 
as the clumsy Yephikhodov, 
but manages to pull them off with a sense of style."
- Edge, Boston

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"...Jeremy Beck, back to the scene-stealing ways he perfected
 as Moth in 'Love's Labours Lost'"
- Cape Code Online

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Andrea Martin, Jeremy Beck, Nicky Martin & Kate Burton - Cherry Orchard Opening, Huntington Theatre, MA