Reviews - "Quartermaine's Terms", Williamstown Theatre Festival, MA

Jeremy Beck and Jefferson Mays*
"Jeremy Beck is a riot as the accident-prone Derek."
- David Sheward, Backstage

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  "Jeremy Beck is amusing as the the new teacher 
who turns the comedy into farce with his accident proneness."
- Elyse Sommer,

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"Jeremy Beck as the new man at the school, Derek Meadle, 
is quirky and fun and altogether the spirit of personal anguish."
- J. Peter Bergman, The Edge, Boston

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"Much of the comic relief comes 
from the over the top pratfalls of the junior member of staff, 
at first a part timer, Derek (Jeremy Beck)."
- Charles Giuliano,

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"Jeremy Beck plays Derek Meadle, the brightest light on stage... 
Beck adds life and energy to the stage every time he enters it 
and perfectly finds the balance between 
being the buffoon and growing into the leading man."
- Meghan Lynn Allen,

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"Jeremy Beck in this role is a delight."

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*photo credit:  T. Charles Erickson