"I'll Leave It To You" by Noel Coward

I’ll Leave It To You

by Noel Coward

Mulberry Hall may be lost unless wealthy Uncle Daniel can come to the family’s financial rescue, again!  But when he privately promises each of his idle nieces and nephews that he will leave his entire fortune to the highest achieving sibling, the mopey inhabitants spring into hilariously competitive action. Described by Coward as an ‘amiable, innocuous and deeply unpretentious little comedy’, I’ll Leave It To You opened in London at the New Theatre (now renamed the Noël Coward Theatre in his honor) on July 21st, 1920 and launched a stunning career.

Jacqueline Antaramian
Jeremy Beck*
Annie Chang
Brandon Jones
Lindsey Kyler
Darrie Lawrence*
Victoria Mack*
Ron McClary*
Mackenzie Meehan
James Prendergast*


Directed by John Plumpis*
Stage Manager: Kelly Burns
Music by Dave Broome

*TACT company member
Friday, November 14: 7:30 PM
Saturday, November 15: 3 & 7:30 PM
Sunday, November 16: 3 PM
Monday, November 17: 7:30 PM
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