"Gravediggers Lullaby" by Jeff Talbot - TACT newTACTics

Written by Jeff Talbot
Directed by Jenn Thompson

Ted Koch, Jeffrey C. Hawkins, and Jeremy Beck
Photo credit:  TACT

Jeremy Beck
Jeffrey C. Hawkins
Ted Koch
Lisa Velten Smith

Wednesday, June 3rd at 7pm
Thursday, June 4th at 7pm

Baylen is a gravedigger, a working-class man trying to keep food on the table in a world where other people make the rules.  There’s a baby who can’t sleep at home, and plenty of holes to be dug.  But a chance encounter with a rich young man may bring the hope of a different life.  What will Baylen do?  THE GRAVEDIGGER’S LULLABY is a bold and gripping new contemporary drama about a time that has passed.  And how little things have changed.