Reviews - "She Stoops To Conquer" - TACT, NYC

Tony Roach and Jeremy Beck
“Beck always knows how to negotiate these kinds of scripts. 
He's a master of the effortless. Bully for him.”
-David Finkle, Huffington Post
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"Jeremy Beck brilliantly shifts between 
Marlow's nervous and blustering extremes."
-Pete Hempstead, TheatreMania
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Jeremy Beck as Marlow is extraordinary, morphing effortlessly from suave aristocrat to bashful hot mess, 
to smooth talking lady-killer and beyond. 
He has everyone in the palm of his hand.
- Sarah Downs, New York Theatre Guide
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"Beck delivers an audience-tickling display 
of twitches and stammers."
-Charles Wright, Curtain Up
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Other standouts in the impressive cast included 
the skillful Jeremy Beck as the young swain Marlow”
-Jonathan Leaf, The Edge Media Network
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"The find here is Jeremy Beck (Charles Marlow). 
This actor delivers a whole person, 
from believable difference in his approach to feminine mystique – when he literally shakes with fear, one feels empathetic rather than critical of technique, while seduction scenes are elegant- to eventually sincere ardor; from the character’s arrogant, patrician behavior to shame and defeat. Beck is the real deal."
-Alix Cohen,Woman Around Town
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