Reviews - Chains

"Supremely well-acted...
The drama focuses on Charley's 
quiet and conflicted anguish,
rendered in deft strokes by Jeremy Beck"
- Charles Isherwood, WSJ

"The cast of eleven is impeccable."
- Ken Marks, The New Yorker

"In Jenn Thompson’s beautifully acted production, 
the love between Lily (Laakan McHardy) 
and Charley (Jeremy Beck) is unambiguous."
- Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

"Jeremy Beck blazes with fire."
- Victor Gluck, Theatre Scene

"Connubial obligations drive the conflict, with Beck and McHardy delivering
a particularly convincing portrait of a marriage."
- Zachary Stewart, TheatreMania

"There are eleven of them on stage in Chains, 
and every one of them turns in fine work.
Beck is the standout."
- Steve Vineberg, Critics At Large

"A top-notch empathetic cast flawlessly embodies the characters and their attitudes, with Jeremy Beck starring as the disheartened Charley..."
- Deb Miller, DC Theatre Arts

"Beck is sublime as Charley, bringing a Daniel Craig–like quality to the role of a man who abruptly decides that he needs more out of life, unsatisfied with his current circumstances and unhappy that it’s precisely what’s expected of him.
When he looks at Tennant’s map of Australia, we are examining it with him, as if searching for our own possibilities of seeking something new."

"Beck gives a powerful performance as Charley, 
practically vibrating with longing and suppressed anger."
- Carey Purcell, CareyPurcell

"Jeremy Beck, a reliable pleasure in many Mint productions..."
- Alix Cohen, WAT

"The tensions that Thompson strives to create with Beck’s superb acting and McHardy’s heartfelt response and sense of doom raise the stakes and bring us to a confluence of feeling."
- Carole Di Tosti,