Reviews - "The Hamlet Project"

(an old review, rediscovered...)

Jeremy Beck's impassioned Laertes was a joy...
he was given far too little stage time... 

-Julie Halpern, Off-Off Broadway Review

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"The Hamlet Project:  One Act of Sex and Death"

Directed by Monica Henderson
Icarus, Sande Shurin Theatre (Equity Showcast)

Costumes by Erin Billings & Dena Verdesca
Sets by Abigail Hart Grey & David Burns
Music by Shawn Feeney

Jeremy Beck (Laertes)
Henry David Clarke (Hamlet)
James Kiberd (Claudius) (click here for his fine art page)
William Metzo (Polonius)
Jane Nichols (Gertrude)
Rebecca White (Ophelia)