Reviews - Hindle Wakes

"Fanny, a weaver at the local cotton mill, told her parents that she was vacationing with a female friend — and she was, until she met Alan Jeffcote (the appealing Jeremy Beck), the mill owner’s overindulged son, and went off to have a fling with him."

- Laura Collin's Hughes, The New York Times

"Beck, doing another of his chipper turns as an eligible young gent..."

- Michael Feingold, The Village Voice

"Jeremy Beck is thoroughly credible as the egotistical, obtuse young scion. He protests, but doesn’t over dramatize and is perceptibly shocked when things don’t turn out as assumed."

-Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town 

"Alan, the feckless son, perfectly encapsulated by Jeremy Beck..."

- Beatrice Williams-Rude, Theatre Pizzazz 

"Beck does an excellent job of communicating Alan's fecklessness as well as his moments of self-knowledge and regret, with possibly a step or two toward maturity."

Michael Portantiere, Talkin' Broadway

"Beck gives the finest of his various local performances over the past few years."

Samuel L. Leiter, The Broadway Blog